Sunday, April 28, 2013

Privacy Fail: Why someone without MS gets MS related marketing material

This NYT article of privacy caught my eye because for a while we thought my wife might have Multiple Sclerosis. So, like the person in the article, I also researched MS on the web. The article describes how a "search online for information about various diseases, including M.S., on a number of consumer health sites" lead to targeting as an MS sufferer (which has serious potential ramifications for health insurance, employment, etc.).

Provides a good window into the murky market in personal data, a lot of it wholly erroneous. Now consumers have to add "murky data markets" to "dark markets" and the "deep web" when it comes to areas of concern about electronic privacy, data security, and the power of free (to-do-harm) markets.
Personal Data Takes a Winding Path Into Marketers’ Hands -

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