Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teenage Tracking Systems: do kids have limited privacy rights?

Noticed this article recently on tracking systems that help parents keep tabs on teen drivers. As my friends will confirm, I was trying to put one of these together myself about 12 years ago. I happen to think it might have altered the course of my daughter's life if I could have mated GPS to CDMA or GPRS. And I think anyone who has a teenager will understand the desire to track their travels. But it raises interesting questions (a great way to spark classrooom discussion of privacy). For example, at what point does a person achieve their right to privacy?

Some people will be eager to point out that, legally speaking, in the United States, driving is a privilege and not a right. And no right to privacy exists as to your location when in public. But still, I think some teenagers would be inspired to research this question if you told them they were going to be tracked.

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