Sunday, December 3, 2006

Spam really is getting worse, TEOS to the rescue?

"Between May and the end of 2006, the absolute volume of spam has increased by about 100%, said Michael Osterman, president of Black Diamond, Wash.-based Osterman Research. In fact, some estimates suggest that up to 85% of all email is spam."
No, it is not your imagination. You have been getting more spam this quarter. Check out this great set of links to spam statistics. Despite all the laws, lawsuits, fines, filters, counter-measures, the surges of spam continue to clog the net and waste our time and resources.

Of course, this was fairly predictable. We researched this back in 2001 and developed some potentially effective technical responses that were ready to roll by 2002. By early 2003 we were prepared to offer them to the world as the Trusted Email Open Standard or TEOS. The missing ingredient back then was cooperation between the major email providers. That ingredient is still missing today, which is a pity because between them these companies have the power to impose improved email protocols that would greatly reduce spam. Sadly, they prefer to use spam, or rather anti-spam features, as a product differentiator, a way to attract customers, particularly from the smaller, regional Internet Service Providers.

If ever these companies have a change of heart, TEOS is still there, and is still a wealth of good ideas about how to attack the spam problem more effectively than anything we have seen so far.

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