Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Invasive Technology Has Its Uses: Teen Tracking

About ten years ago, when our daughter was a rebellious teenager, I gave serious thought to installing some sort of GPS recording and transmitting device in the car we let her drive. The goal was something like a web page where we could log in and see where the car was at any particular time.

And I mean serious thought. That girl could somehow put a hundred miles on the car in one evening and yet, when asked where she went, answer "Nowhere." Unfortunately, such devices were big and clunky and very expensive back then, mainly confined to commercial applications like trucking and emergency vehicle assistance. Now there are numerous ready-made solutions.

Would I use one if I had a teenage daughter or son today? You bet! Would it be an invasion of their privacy? No! Parents have a right [and a duty] to knowing where their teenagers are.

BTW, to be 'nice' about it, an invasion of their privacy would be showing them a tattoo located just above my butt crack--that's what invasion of privacy originally meant--putting your stuff in my face, which is what happened to me a few months ago when I was waiting to get off a plane. The young lady in front of me rose up and between her short top and low-cut jeans appeared a large tattoo that read "Daddy's Girl." I really didn't want to see that.

That was an invasion of my privacy.

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